No generic substitute for Megace ES

Megace ES and Megace®* are not therapeutic equivalents.2 In addition, there is no generic substitute for Megace ES.2 The unique formulation of Megace ES provides differentiation through:

NanoCrystal® Technology

Megace ES has improved on the micronized formulation of original formula Megace by utilizing NanoCrystal® Technology.3 Through this technology, NanoCrystal® particles are created, which are up to 50 times smaller than the micronized particles in original formula Megace. These small particles are produced and stabilized, resulting in an aqueous dispersion of the drug.3

The resulting dispersion provides increased surface area of the total drug, which leads to more rapid dissolution and increased absorption.3

There is no generic substitute for Megace ES³

Less volume and reduced viscosity

Megace ES has 75% less total volume per dose compared with Megace 800 mg/20 mL.1,7 Megace ES is also 94% less viscous than original formula Megace.5 This may be important for patients struggling with their ability and desire to eat.

• Megace ES is substantially less viscous than some common OTC products, including Mylanta®‡ 5

• Lower viscosity may make Megace ES easier to take and may be important for patients who have trouble swallowing


*Megestrol acetate oral suspension.

Mylanta is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson-Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Co.


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