Megace ES is an effective treatment for your AIDS patients experiencing anorexia, cachexia, or an unexplained, significant weight loss.1 Help your patients gain weight and enhance their sense of well-being.1

Weight Gain Evaluated in the Pilot Study18

The weight gain associated with Megace ES and Megace®* was evaluated in patients with HIV-associated unintended weight loss.

Patients in the Megace ES Arm Gained an Average of 10% of Their Baseline Weight Over 12 Weeks (11.9 lbs) [Footnote: 16]

• This trial was conducted as a pilot study using a concentrated suspension of 575 mg/5mL megestrol acetate. Megace ES is available as megestrol acetate 125 mg per mL oral suspension. The initial recommended dose of Megace ES is 625 mg/5 mL

• Randomized, open-label, multicenter pilot study that enrolled 63 AIDS patients. Patients received either Megace ES (575 mg/5 mL) or Megace (800 mg/20 mL) once daily in the morning for 12 weeks

• Those patients receiving megestrol acetate oral suspension 800 mg/20 mL gained an average of 6% of their baseline weight over 12 weeks (7.7lbs)18

• Safety was similar for each arm of the trial


*Megestrol acetate oral suspension.


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