No generic substitute

There is no generic substitute for Megace ES.3 So if your healthcare provider or pharmacist offers you a generic, keep in mind that it is not the same as Megace ES and may be more difficult to take. Here are some of the unique benefits of Megace ES:

Megace ES uses NanoCrystal® Technology

Megace ES has improved upon the original formula of Megace®* by using advanced NanoCrystal® Technology. Through this technology, small particles of the drug are created, which allows for greater absorption into your body.4 This allows you to take a full dose in just 1 teaspoon once daily.

Megace ES is better absorbed

Megace ES is absorbed into the body more quickly and more completely than original formula Megace in people who have not eaten.1 Megace ES can help you increase your desire to eat, even if you don’t feel like eating.

With Megace ES, there's less to take. Unlike original formula Megace, Megace ES is concentrated. This means you can take just 1 teaspoon of Megace ES (625 mg/5 mL) once daily vs. 4 teaspoons (800 mg/20 mL) once daily of Megace.1 Also, original formula Megace has a consistency similar to Mylanta®6 while Megace ES has a consistency similar to whole milk, which may make it easier to swallow.


*Megestrol acetate oral suspension.

Clinical significance unknown. Megace ES has improved absorption over original formula Megace in people who have not eaten (the unfed state). For people who have eaten (fed condition), Megace ES and original formula Megace have similar absorption into the body. The fed condition is achieved by subjects eating a high-calorie (800-1000 calories) and high-fat (approximately 50% of total calories) meal.16

Mylanta is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson-Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Co.